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I haven't taken my 835 apart in forever and don't know where the instructions are. Can someone help me disassemble it for cleaning? I have no idea how the bolt comes out. All I can figure out how to remove is the barrel!

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(10/25/02 8:55:25 am)
Reply Mossberg

I have my manual at the hnouse but not at my fingertips. Here is the contact info for Mossberg:

E-Mail: [email protected]
Please use this e-address for free Manual and Catalog requests only. An acknowledgment will not be sent, allowing us to process mailing requests a little more quickly.

from the Service Department

Phone: 800-363-3555
Monday through Friday, 8a.m. - 5p.m. Central Time.

E-Mail: [email protected]
To obtain all Service/Support information, including replacement part numbers, prices and availability:

Fax: 830-773-5893
24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week


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(10/25/02 5:37:53 pm)
Reply Prepare a comfortable working area
The first thing you want to do is to prepare a comfortable working area so that you are not bending over to the ground.

Place a blanket on the ground, on which you can place the parts as you disassemble the Mossberg's cannon, the 835. Along side the blanket, place an umbrella. Next load the 835 with three, 3 1/2 inch, high-power shells, and point the gun straight up in the air and fire off three shells in rapid succession. This will pound your feet into the ground, up to your thighs, making disassembly much easier at ground level. Open the umbrella to deflect the falling buckshot. Now you are ready to disassemble the Mossberg 835.

Whoops. Telephone. Will continue later.

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(10/25/02 5:55:31 pm)
Reply More on disassembly of 835
I think it is same as for Mossberg 500. These are direct quotes from the book, Gunsmithing: Shotguns, by Patrick Sweeney, and if you own a Mossberg you should own this book.

"Check to make sure the gun isn't loaded. Open the action and leave the bolt back. Unscrew the nut under the barrel and pull the barrel forward off the receiver. The nut has a capture clip that keeps it attached to the barrel. Ease the forearm and thus the bolt forward. On the side of the receiver above the trigger guard is a small pin. The small pin is the trigger housing retention pin. The larger pin looking object above the trigger housing pin is the pivot point of the lifter. Press the trigger housing pin out from either side. Pull the rear of the trigger housing down, and then slide the front end of it out of the slot it rests in.

The shell stops should drop out onto the bench. The trigger housing holds them in place, without staking screws or pins.

Retract the action until the bolt slide lines up with the rectangular slot cut through the rails in the receiver. Pick the slide out of the receiver. Push the bolt forward out of the receiver, or lift it out in the same path as the slide. Pushing it is easier. The forearm will not come off the receiver. The magazine tube has a ring soldered around it that keeps the forearm in place. Older Mossbergs only had the ring, but decades ago the design had a spring added to it. Push the forearm forward and see if it springs back when you let go. If it dows, there is a spring inside.

Look at the lifter. Shaped somewhat like a tuning fork it is made from a spring steel stamping. Pry the rear legs away from the inside of the receiver walls, and pull the lifter out of the receiver."

The last thing that might have to come out is the magazine tube, and to find out how to do that you better buy the book.
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