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Dixie Terminator Slug for Rifled Shotgun Barrels

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Friends All....As you know we have been waiting for the custom mold for the Terminator slug/bullet. It has arrived and we are now testing loads.
This slug is not for the faint of heart! It weighs a full 745 grs. This is almost 1 3/4 oz. and is designed to give the shooter a massive amount of close in killing power for dangerous game. The slug/bullet is a full .729" and is .735" long, has a large lube groove, plus a crimp groove for loaded in a brass hull, if desired. We loaded a series of five for expansion tests. These ran about 16 bhn. When fired into wet sand at 10 yards, gave an average expansion of .940". Another series of five went into less than a palm size group at 50 yards (this will improve wuth load development) This slug/bullet has a full .500" meplat. When hardened up to 20/21 bhn the penetration awesome. There is no slug/bullet for rifled barrels in its weight class. We are looking at a velocity of around 1200 '/" with a 100 yard mid range trajectory of 3'. Suggested sight in would be at 75 yards zero....1" to 2" high at 50 yards....2" to 3" low at 100. Here again!.....This slug/bullet was not designed for long range, but rather a crushing close in blow. Think of the as a big bore rifle on a shotgun frame! It duplicates the Paradox Gun of the late 1800's and early 1900's.
Pictures and load data to follow.
Best Regards, James
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ShotgunWorld goes to Africa, next on the Sportsman's Channel :shock:
Good Lord man, if aliens do come to invade from Mars I want me some of those...
Update....Last weekend the first accuracy tests were shot by Bill M using a slicked up Mossberg with a Hastings rifled barrel. This firearm has the barrel epoxed in with Acraglas Gel & powdered steel. 3" and less - 3 shot groups were fired at 50 yards. These groups were with rather crude open sights. velocity at approx 1200 '/"
My friend, Quentin Hyde in South Africa, has been able to dig up the original data on the Paradox Guns. The original blackpowder load was a 730 gr. hardened slug at 1000'/". later a smokeless Cordite load, with the same slug/bullet, was pushed up to 1200'/"
Our 745 gr Terminator slug/bullet was sprayed with Ms Moly and showed no leading whatsoever.
Our test gun now has a scope mount added and furter test with it scoped will be shot at 100 yards.
Bill M talks about the test on the Beartooth Bullets Forum.
Best Regards, James
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Where can I buy?
The final pressure and velocity tests are being shot at present at the powder factory. There will be some that reload their own and I want good loading data for them.
The hold up is the typical government red tape. The Feds don't wil not issue my ammo license until the county zones my location industrial......the county does not want to zone industrial until the Feds issue the license!........Catch 22! In the meamwhile I am sitting on orders and can not ship.
We have made a few changes......I changed the new factory primed hulls to one that has a magnum primer for cold weather.
Instead of spraying the slugs with MsMoly, I have bought the equipment to apply dry moly.
As soon as I get all this red tape cut, I will notify all that I am ready to ship.......I am really sorry for the delay!
Best Regards, James
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