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Does anyone know definitively if the Saiga-12 is banned(CA)?

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Is the Saiga-12 banned in CA? I didn't see it specifically on the banned list. It does list the Kalishnikov hunter/saiga rifle. Has anyone bought one recently in CA? I am thinking if it possibly going to be banned(if not already) that I might be better going for a Mossberg 590A1.
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Looks like any semi auto clip fed 12, 20, 28 or 16 is a no no ic Kali. Bummer! Move to WI and shoot mine while you wait for yours to come in the mail. :D
Well, according to the 7 dealers I spoke with, it is banned and none of them will import it for me. So..I bought a Mossberg 500 instead. Kalifornia sucks donkey balls! I had to get fingerprinted, agree to buy a safe and am currently waiting the 10 day waiting period! All for a simple shotgun! Absurd!!!!

When I lived in FL I could go to a dealer, purchase whatever I wanted and walk out right then and there(since I have a CCW there). Boy, what a differance. I cant wait to move away from here.
You can buy one if the Mag is bolted to the trigger so you have to take off the trigger group or something like that.
Wouldn't recommend it, but it is allowable. The action design on the gun makes it difficult to load the gun without taking the mag out. This means it would take 2x longer to load the gun than a typical shotgun, that would kill one of the major features of the gun. Also the modification would void the warranty.
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