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dog food

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whats the best dog food for my GSP? I know i have been asking alot of simple questions but you dont know how much it helps me!!!

i was thinking maybe once in a while go to the butcher for dog food. Some say the raw meat is good for the coats on dogs.

is that true?
what does everybody feed their dog?
and what about doggy snacks?
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We covered this one right when the Dog Forum Opened here is the link:
Try Diamond Hight Energy. It is a good meat based dog food with tons of nutrional value. It seems to keep my dogs looking good in the woods and at home. Most of these big name dog foo companies use a corn based meal. Which means a low digestive rate and tons of clean up. give it a try for a couple of weeks. If you want to try a bag for free contact diamond @ they will send you a free cupon. if you cannot let me know and I can get one for you I am a distrubutor and they sponser my kennel. You can also get the food at your local Tractor supply for about 12.99 a bag.
I hope this helps,
Okay, I admit I was gonna rip Shannon and tell him I prefer Nutro for my 'tweedy' dog. Then I did the smart thing and compared the ingredients and the percentages. The percentages are about identical to Nutro Large Breed Adult.

However look at the first few items listed for Diamonds product:
-chicken meal
-whole grain brown rice
-whole grain white rice
-wheat flour

Now Nutros:
-Chicken Meal
-Ground Rice
-Rice Flour
-Corn Gluten Meal
-Rice Bran

A 40lb bag is $17.49 in Dallas, TX; the Nutro is 20lbs @ $20.00. I am gonna get a coupon and try it out on my guy.

Thanks for the heads up.
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The Diamond high energy is 24/20. It is a meat first based formula. Some of thre other brands like the senior plus or the large breed is a chicken based formula. However it is probably just as good.
Hey thanks for the info I just emailed diamond. I've been using alpo for yrs gonna give diamond a shot.
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