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double barrel black powder

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I have a double barrel black power, made in india,with njs on both sides of the gun, need info and value if possible
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Hello, Thermal, and welcome to Shotgun World!

It is very hard to ID and value Indian guns. There is very little written about Indian sporting arms. There were some exellent makers in India at the turn of the last century. Most of these makers produced double guns for the Rajas and copied English patterns. However, the bulk of Indian guns were made in small dirt floored shops for local farmers and have little value beyond a curio. Some of these guns were even made from scrap iron and steel.

Any gun's evaluation begins with a detailed description. This will include all markings, gauge, chamber legnth, barrel choke, barrel material, lock system, stock design/type/material, trigger design, and originality. Condition is of upmost importance. Clear detailed photos are a must with most unusual guns like yours.

I should warn you that an old Indian BP gun would really have to be held in hand for a true value assessment.

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