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Dove cleaning

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First year we can hunt Doves in Wisconsin. What's the best way to clean them?????
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Grab the bird flip it over
Right hand put your middle finger in the craw in the slot of the breast and thumb under the point at the bottom of the breast.
Left hand punch hole thru the skin at the bottom of the breast where your right thumb is and peel back feather and skin exposing the breast meat. Now move left hand opposing the right hand in pretty much the same place putting your left thumb between the legs.and push the left thumb under the breast all the way into the diaphram until you pin the heart underneath that thumb. Now tear the breast away from the rest of the bird. In your right hand should be breast and wings in your left should everything else. Throw away everything in your left hand. Now get all the skin and feathers peeled all the way back until you expose the shoulder, grab a pair of kitchen shears at cut at the shoulder. Throw wings away. Now you should have a nice little heart shaped breast. Throw about 6 per pak and vacuum seal them, throw them in the freezer.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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