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Ok, so my friend Brent tells me that dove and eggs go well together, I begin thinking he's had way too much of eating critters but figured I'd go with it. Turns out dove and eggs are incredible. So to share my experience everyone needs to take this little recipe and try it tomorrow.

This is single serving:

2 boned dove breasts
lemon pepper, tony chacheres (go easy on these)
1 scrambled egg salt and pepper to taste
1 strip o' bacon

Cook dove and bacon together til bacon is done to your liking,
throw those little babies and that egg in a warm tortilla, little hot sauce (cause it aint a taquito without hot sauce) and boom you'd think Whataburger should carry these on the menu.

Something about the wang of dove and them eggs just goes together like cornflakes and milk.

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Hey JLP.......just read your post & it sure brought a smile & a chuckle (and a few hunger pangs). But, it illustrates (to me)what a small world we live in, and that variations (by hunters) of a certain recipe usually spread pretty fast.

I had the good fortune to do some quail hunting down in Alabama a year ago last December. One conversation (w/ the guide & his wife) about food happened to include my comment about how my wife & I love the Taquitos we are able to get down in the Port Aransas, TX area. She asked if I'd ever had one w/ quail meat. I said no, but I'd bet it'd be fantistic. She invited me for breakfast & she'd have a surprise for me.

Well, here it is............. breakfast for (4);

(6) quail breasts wrapped w/one bacon slice each & grilled over coals sprinkled w/ water soaked apple chips or mesquite chips.
(4) eggs, scrambled (light & fluffy) she did 'em in the microwave. She added about 1/3 cup chopped Chipotle peppers
when the eggs were about 1/2 way cooked.
About (2) cups hash browns (seasoned pepper to taste).
(4 or more) Large, warmed tortillas.
One large bowl of: Medium Hot, Chipotle Salsa.

When everything was done & ready (hopefully at the same time), she chopped up the quail breasts & bacon & put it in warm bowl.

A 2nd warm bowl had the hash browns & another had the egg mixture. She put the Tortilla warmer and all the bowls on the table "family style".

Every body made up their Taquito to their own proportions.

No further comment is necessary!!! See ya! "Grizzly"

P.S. I've tried it up here w/ Ruffed Grouse, but it isn't quite the same as w/ quail.
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