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Anyone have experience with the Dragunov or its variants? There are a couple for sale near me for really good prices and I've been looking for a new medium-long range rifle.. not to mention I've always kind of had a soft spot for them.

I realize that with the standard surplus ammo accuracy isn't so high, but I've heard that you can sometimes get surplus sniper 54R and the US made rounds I've fired in my Nagant seem to be quite accurate in comparison.
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I have played around with them and I didn't find them all that impressive. I wouldn't say they are not accurate, but the factory ammo leaves a lot to be desired. If you are a handloader the accuracy can be improved greatly over the Factory stuff. They have a good look and fun to play with, but for what they cost, you can get a nice Remington 700 in .308 and out shoot it any day of the week. It is just what ever you want. If you want one and are willing to provide it the proper fodder, go for it. If I could find a TRUE Russian SVD, I would consider adding it to my collection.
They are cool rifles, but not really what you want if you are looking for a true precision rifle.
Definitely keep in mind, that the PSL's (fpk, Romy Dragunov) only looks similar to the true Tigr/Drag. but is in fact an entirely different animal. Basically a oversized AK, whereas a true drag is a unique design, with a gas sytem more like an SKS.
(and lots more $$$$)

I have always wanted one too, though. For the money though, a nice bolt or a used AR-10 wuld probably be a better gun.
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