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drawing in doves

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I have been invited to my friends land to shoot dove at the end of september. The fields are planted in corn and right now they are cutting and combining the corn. He has a few doves coming in but not enough to produce the 4:30 shooting rampage that is common to opening day. He just shot doves on the 6th at a pay dove shoot about a mile from his house. Since no birds will be shot from now to the end of dove season, he hopes more birds will come in.

I am just wondering what we could do to draw a lot of doves in (legally) between now and sept. 30th??????

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This could be a situation of if you cut it they will come. :D

If the other fields in the area are being hunted then you could create a refuge type environment by letting it rest till the end of the month. The downside is that the food could be gone or other food sources could come available. If it's possible you could talk to the farmer about planting winter wheat, as they have once again changed the laws on top sowing, check with the local game wardens or extension agents concerning what is legal in your area.
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