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Drop at heel specification vs. real world

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It seems to me that the catalog specs for the SBE II concerning the drops at comb and heel are the minimum possible with the provided shim kit.

All of the advertisements talk of a 2 inch drop at heel.

However, the real world is different as the guns ship with a shim that puts the drops at comb and heel lower. If I recall correctly you will find the B shim in place when you first take your gun out of the factory box.

Do you have any idea why the gun is advertised as having a 2 inch drop at heel when the gun out of the box is probably more like 2 1/4 or 2 3/8 when equipped with the B shim?

I am a bit confused why they advertise one thing but ship it differently.
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I agree...took my SBE out today..shooting high with B shim...drop the z shim in and it was dead on...why they say that....good question...just shoot it and change the shim..its easy to do...Honkers41
You have got to pay close attention to the instructions, as it is claimed that you can permanently damage the recoil spring tube if you mismatch the plates and shims.

I guess that you would bend the tube as the recoil pounds the gun if you mismatch the parts.
Does the SBE come with shims Z, A, B, C,? I don't know if the build of a SBE and a Ultralight is similar but you may have helped me with my problem. My UL came out of the box with the "B" shims installed and I couldn't hit with it worth a flip so I dropped to the "C" shims and I still can't hit consistently with it, maybe I went the wrong way with the shim change, I finally just put the gun up and went back to a gun that I could kill a grouse with. Tomorrow I may drag it back out and go to extreme the other direction by installing the "Z" shims and start adjusting from there.
Ok it seems the Z shim will drop the drop the most and work from there just remember not to move the casting shims, if you move them remember how they go...Dx is a right handed shooter and the Sx is a left hand shooter...i figured this all out on the range last week...any trouble give me a holler...and yes the SBE2 comes with all them shims..Honkers41
I shoot left-handed but have always shot a right-handed firearm.

To use my Benelli I had to flip the cast shim and the metal piece toward the back of the stock. Plus I needed to purchase a left handed gel pad to swap out the one that came with the gun.

After making these changes, I am now shooting a right-eject SBE II with a left-handed "cast on", B shims, and a left-handed gel pad.

It is a great system but pretty confusing.

Double-check to make sure everything is properly configured as you may damage your gun otherwise. You may bend the recoil tube as you fire it if the shims are not properly configured.
Well guys I believe my problems are solved by reading your post on the shim changes on your SBE. As I said before I just haven't been able to hit consistently with my Ultralight from day one, it came with B shim installed but after reading your post on your problems I thought what the heck I'll try going the other direction with the shim change. I had tried the C shim with no improvement so yesterday I installed the Z shim and "bingo" I downed the first grouse that I shot at and after that I had one miss on the second bird and then another kill on the third bird. So I've made the right move for my shooting style, I'm strictly a instinctive shooter while grouse hunting with my eyes never leave the bird after the flush and never remember looking down the rib of the gun just hand and eye coordination. Now after the change to the Z shim I can understand the earlier misses with the B and C shim, the end of the gun was never getting up to where my eyes was focused. I more than likely was shooting under about all my birds. I feel a lot better about the price of the UL now that I can hit with it. Thanks
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Sorry i hav'nt gotten back here in a while...well its good to hear it worked for you...i'm still having some pattern problems, but its a new gun and just giving it time...i'm shooting at the range weekly and it won't be long till,i get the gun where i want it to be....i'm glad you fixed glad to help...Honkers41!!!
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