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Drum Magazine for Shotgun

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Nice site! I am wondering if such a shotgun exists: 12 ga. semi-auto w/ a
drum type magazine?

If so, can you point me to it?


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Hello U.
Hello Ulysses,
Thanks for visiting!
I've never seen one, but I won't say they don't exist. The closest I could recommend is the IZH pump shotgun at or the semi Saiga at .
You can buy a ten round magazine for the Saiga.
Hope it helps.

I'll post to the forum and see if anyone else has seen one.
Jay Gentry
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The Knoxx Sidewinder is available as a complete kit with either a 10-round drum or 6-round box magazine. Both magazines accept 2-3/4 and 3-inch shells. Drum and box magazines are also available separately. Suggested retail kit pricing is $189.95 with one drum magazine. Additional drums will be available at $89.95 each, with the 6-round box magazines at $49.95. Mossberg 590 and 9-shot 500 models will require the purchase of an 18.5 inch 500 barrel from Mossberg ($61 retail) or other sources.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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