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DU Ducks in the Desert National Shoot set for Las Vegas Target Setter

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I am pleased to announce that I will be setting the targets for the 2023 Ducks Unlimited Ducks in the Desert Western Continental Shoot at the Clark County Shooting Park in Las Vegas March 1-5. After setting many hundreds, if not thousands of targets at major shoots over the years, I had gotten away from tournament target setting to concentrate on my clay course design and shooting instruction business across the country. DU called and said they wanted me to set the Prelim, Main Event and Super Sporting targets for the event. I actually designed the two courses at Clark County so I am very familiar with the terrain and shooting station backgrounds there. Shooters can expect fun but challenging targets that will be sneaky technical. I guess they had some sun and target visibility issues at the shoot last year. That won't happen in 2023. Right now the entry is around 200 shooters and the event usually attracts around 500 shooters. Registration is open on ScoreChaser. Hope to see you guys in Las Vegas.... It will be FUN!
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What you didn't say is the DU Shoot is probably one of the best in the west. With you setting the targets I'm sure that all of the shooters will have a great time.

A few years ago when I was still able to shoot I wrote a letter to the DU organizers after the DU shoot listing my concerns about the shoot. I received an answer addressing my concerns and most of them were corrected. Posting on this list probably isn't going to change anything about this shoot.
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