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I see you purchased a Beretta 390. I'd like to say congratulations on that, but having some knowledge of Beretta after market service, that would be a disservice to you and others who might be contemplating a Beretta.
Evbutller had it right on by saying that a "domestic shotgun can be fixed while you chat to the gunsmith".
The domestics may cost more up front, but wait 'til you have to get one of the imports fixed. Not that a high purchase price necessarily translates into better levels of service; Beretta being a case in point.
By the time the needed part makes its way across the ocean via sailing ship around the horn your gun will be in museum archives.
Of the 2000+ members in my club, the serious shooters (those who shoot more than the obligatory 50 rounds of clays 3 days before hunting season),virtually all have some form of grief in getting their foreign guns fixed.
All this said, they also have had issues with domestics, though not as much or as frequently.
Not that foreign guns are known for their poor quality, indeed the bulk of them are of the best in production anywhere on the planet; yet parts supply still seems to be the albatross that dogs them to no end.
In the attempt to keep costs down domestic manufacturers (Weatherby, Remington, Mossberg etc.) are turning to overseas to supply the market with the O/U's and SA's that Mr. or Mrs. Blue Collar can afford.
Good on them for the effort, but it is incumbent on them to provide an established service network in proportion to the new product availability.
This seems to be lacking.
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