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Ducks Unlimited Benelli Nova

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After being out of town for a month or so I decided it was time to visit my good friends at Welburn's Weapons in Central Point just to say hi and see what I could see. Before arriving I recall there being a Benelli Nova DU version in 12 gauge with a Polychoke attached to the business end of the barrel. The poor thing has been there for some time now and, like a sad eyed puppy it just looks like it wants a home.

My question is, what is the general consensus on the Nova? I've only handled this one but never shot one. I have a Remington 870 Express Super Magnum that I like for waterfowl but was thinking this might be an okay addition for my son when the later part of the season has the Canada geese flying higher and higher moving us to the 3.5" loads. The price is $350 and the only other extra is the sling.


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I'd buy it but quick. It will save you $100 with the Polychoke II already in the barrel. It will screw right out. I wouldn't want a gun without a variable choke on it. Phooey on screw-in tubes.

The DU doesn't give it any more value. Some folks think it does but they are a dime a dozen as every club around raffles off a club engraved gun every time money runs low. The Nova is a good gun. I like mine but it is in 20 gauge.
Now that you mention it, there's also a Nova in 20 gauge (with 5 choke tubes) also there for the same $350, but I still like the versatility of the 12 gauge with the option to shoot the 3.5s. I'm pretty sure I would be allowed to test drive so perhaps I'll go down there today and find out. Thanks, EV.
Buy that joker as quick as possible. For that money you can hunt with it this season and sell it off for the same price if you don't like it. I owned one once... great gun but a kickin stick. One of the only two pumps I would ever own. The other being of course the great remington 870. The two best pumps ever built IMO. BUY IT!
The Limbsaver # IIRC is 10001. It will make the gun a pleasure to shoot.
You absolutely can't go wrong with the Nova; I have long maintained if I had to have only one gun, that would be it. The price would be slightly high without the Polychoke II, but with it you're definitely in the good price zone. Buy with confidence.
Jwiley, with a screw in/out Poly II, the price is not diminished. Only those with permanetly attached Polychokes are hurt in value. Yet, I don't want a gun unless it has a variable choke.
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