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You may want to post your request in the actual "Shotgun ID & Value" section instead of this section titled "Shell Collectors."

Before doing so, you may want to look at similar requests concerning shotguns in the value and ID section. You will want to pay attention and note the various responses. If you want accurate or somewhat accurate responses, you will want to post as much info as possible. Personally speaking, your request as it exists below is akin to asking, "What is the value of my old 2-door car with VIN#147903?" You will get some more knowledgeable responses if you provide pictures, more info on the gun's markings (e.g., chokes, length of barrels,proof marks, et al.), the gauge, condition of the stock, functioning of the gun, condition of the barrels, etc.

The more effort that you put into providing info, the better chance that you will get more info concerning your request.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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