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Eastern Arms 101.7, 5100

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I'm looking at a 16 ga. Eastern Arms 101.7 sxs, 28" barrels. It has Eastern Arms 101.7 on the left side of the frame and 5100 stamped on the right side of the frame. Seller wants $300. Frame still shows good case color and bluing on the barrels is at least 80%. Action is tight and bores are perfect. Can anyone tell me when it might have been made? Is $300 a reasonable price?

Also, what is the difference between this Eastern Arms 101.7 (5100) and a SXS marked Springfield -J Stevens Arms, Chicopee Falls on the left side of the frame and Eastern Arms 101.7 on the left side of the frame?
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The two guns mentioned in my original post are different. The position of the two pins in the frame is different on the Springfield-Stevens-Eastern Arms 101.7 compared to the Eastern Arms 101.7 marked 5100. I recall from reading posts here and on the 16 ga. site that Stevens did make a 5100 sxs.
I had a chance to shoot the 16 ga. Eastern Arms Company 101.7 (marked 5100) sxs. It shoots just fine and seems to fit me well, so I bought it for $300.

It has the back pin lower than the front pin. There is no serial number but all of the componets are marked with an A in a circle, a G in a circle and the letters S and M

Barrels are marked Proof Tested 16 ga. , 2-3/4 inch Chambers and Selected Forged Steel. 28" barrels and bores measure Mod/Full.

From Reseacher01's comments, I am assuming it was made in 1939 or later given the fact that it is a 5100 design and has 2-3/4" chambers.

I also have a JC Higgins 101.7 marked 311A that has the back pin lower than the fromt pin so I assume it is also the 5100 design.
See my edited post below.
We'll probably never know for sure when my gun was made, but I'm guessing it was around 1937-1940 or 1941 based on the information about these "Trade brand" guns that Ned and Reseachero1 posted. Thanks to all for your inputs.

Sears also sold guns with the name Ted Williams starting sometime in the 1960's.
Thanks for the information.

According to Reseacher01 Stevens started using the Springfield name around 1929. I have a Springfield-Stevens No. 215 sxs hammmer gun that Reseacher01 said was likely made between 1930 -1932. Do your reference books indicate how long Stevens sold guns with the Springfield name?
Ned Fall said:
You are welcome and got a bargain. I only charge $3.00 for information about an old shotgun ($4.00 for correct information). Please put a $3.00 bill in the small slot on your computer and hit the send key. Don't use a $5.00 bill as my computer is not programed to make change.
Having a really hard time finding $3.00 bills.
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