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Eastern Arms 101.7, 5100

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I'm looking at a 16 ga. Eastern Arms 101.7 sxs, 28" barrels. It has Eastern Arms 101.7 on the left side of the frame and 5100 stamped on the right side of the frame. Seller wants $300. Frame still shows good case color and bluing on the barrels is at least 80%. Action is tight and bores are perfect. Can anyone tell me when it might have been made? Is $300 a reasonable price?

Also, what is the difference between this Eastern Arms 101.7 (5100) and a SXS marked Springfield -J Stevens Arms, Chicopee Falls on the left side of the frame and Eastern Arms 101.7 on the left side of the frame?
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From shortly before WW-I, J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. began using the G.S. Lewis Patent No. 1,136,247, granted Apr. 20, 1915, action of their Riverside Arms Co. No. 315

and "trade brand" guns. In the early 1920s J. Stevens Arms Co. added slightly nicer gun called the Stevens No. 330 on the same action.

About 1929, J. Stevens Arms Co. changed from using the Riverside Arms Co. to Springfield Arms Co. name for their lower priced line. About 1930, they added a lower priced gun using the G.S. Lewis action called the Springfield No. 311 with a plain uncheckered stock.

The G.S. Lewis action used coil-spring driven strickers, and the rear pin in the action sits higher than the forward pin. In 1937, J. Stevens Arms Co. began phasing in a new action with hammers that rotate around an axle. These actions were marked 5000 and 5100. The Stevens gun with the new action was the No. 530, the new Springfield was the No. 515.

Here is a G.S. Lewis action 16-ga Sears RANGER --

and another "trade brand" .410-bore --

Here is a .410-bore on the 5000 action --

and a post-WW-II Stevens Model 530 on the 5100 action --

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