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Eastern Arms 101.7, 5100

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I'm looking at a 16 ga. Eastern Arms 101.7 sxs, 28" barrels. It has Eastern Arms 101.7 on the left side of the frame and 5100 stamped on the right side of the frame. Seller wants $300. Frame still shows good case color and bluing on the barrels is at least 80%. Action is tight and bores are perfect. Can anyone tell me when it might have been made? Is $300 a reasonable price?

Also, what is the difference between this Eastern Arms 101.7 (5100) and a SXS marked Springfield -J Stevens Arms, Chicopee Falls on the left side of the frame and Eastern Arms 101.7 on the left side of the frame?
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EASTERN ARMS CO is a "Store Brand Name" used by Sears Roebuck & Co on guns made for them by a major maker in this case, a 101.7 made by the Stevens Arms Company and is the same as their Model 311. Springfield is a name used by Stevens on their less expensive models. The gun are mechanically identical to the higher priced models but are less well finished and have hardwood stocks instead of walnut. A "Store Brand Name" gun will be evaluated at about 15 percent less that the same identical gun with the original makers name on it. I would say that $300 is a fair price if the gun is in as good shape as you say it is but remember a fair price is what the buyer is willing to pay and what the seller is willing to accept.
Information about some gun makers and especially "Trade Brand Name" and "Store Brand Name" shotguns can become confusing fast to say the least. Sears used "Store Brand Names" like EASTERN, EASTERN ARMS CO, EASTERN ARMS COMPANY, J.C. HIGGIN and SEARS on guns made for them no matter who made the gun. They later used numbers after the names that some mistakenly call model numbers. In actuality the numbers are catalog numbers that indicate who made the gun, what type (rifle,shotgun, handgun), type action (single shot breech loader, double barrel, bolt action, pump action, self loader) gauge or caliber. 101.xxxx indicates the gun was made by Savage/Stevens. My cross reference listing, the Hooshier Gun Works cross reference indicates that a 101. 7 is the same as a Stevens Model 311. Stevens made several similar hammerless double barrel boxlock shotguns and gave them different model numbers and names like Stevens (of course), Springfield and Riverside. Like you I remember vaguely coming across a Stevens Model 5100 somewhere but I just looked in four reference books and could not find a listing for one. To get back to your original question, there is no difference between the two guns except perceived value. A "Store Brand Name" marked gun is considered to have 15% less value that the same identical gun with the original makers markings on it.
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To Barry. I can't figure out how to reply to a private message. Will reply here.
Wasn't Sherlock Holmes that said eliminate all the possibilities and what remains must be the truth,I looked in five reference books and only two had any mention of which and when "Trade Brand Names" Sears Roebuck & Company used. Guns made by The Meriden Fire Arms Company and sold by Sears & Roebuck used the name EASTERN ARMS COMPANY from 1905 to 1915. Guns with the name EASTERN were sold by Sears from 1915 to 1940. Guns with the name J.C. HIGGINS were sold from 1942 to 1962 and finally Sears used their own name from 1962 to 1982
Several conditions exist if you want to know when your gun was made. If the gun is mark1ed EASTERN ARMS CO and 5100, then it was made by the Stevens Arms & Tool Company. There are no published serial number-year made tables for Stevens produced guns that I know of. However there is a source for this information. You can write the Stevens Arms Company Historian and ask him. The address is"
Mr. John Callahan
Arms Historian
P.O. Box 82
Southhampton, MA 01073
He charges a $20.00 per gun research fee.
You are welcome and got a bargain. I only charge $3.00 for information about an old shotgun ($4.00 for correct information). Please put a $3.00 bill in the small slot on your computer and hit the send key. Don't use a $5.00 bill as my computer is not programed to make change.
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