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The only difference in the previous models of Sizemasters and Grabbers is that the older ones can't be adapted to load 3" shells.

Other than that, they're basically identical, except the auto-primer feeds on the older ones had attached, flip-up lids, whereas the lids come all the way off the later ones.

There's also a relatively new 200-capacity auto-primer feed on the late-model Grabbers and 9000GNs.

But so far as the Sizemasters go, if you'll never need to convert them to load 3" shells you'll probably get a little better deal on the older model.

You should be able to get a good Sizemaster off eBay for about $100 or less, including shipping.

They're always available and I wouldn't pay more than that -- even for one in almost new condition.

I got a virtually brand new, current-model 12 ga. Sizemaster a month or so ago for $89 -- $101 including shipping.

Patience and watching the auctions are the keys to the deals.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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