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The wood in gunstocks has been dried, either by letting it sit in the sun (air dried) or by putting it into a controlled, heated structure (kiln dried). This results in the wood having a moisture content around %10 or less (I've seen it down to 3-4%).

Once it has been shaped and sanded smooth, they are finished, either with some form of lacquer-ish style finish, an oil based finish or some combination of the two. This finish seals the majority of the wood against re-absorbing the moisture(not all parts are covered necessarily) .

Any firearm that is stocked with wood can absorb moisture through the areas of the stock NOT covered by the finish (the ends of the wood are two primary areas, but don't leave out any nicks or gashes that reach through the finish). Will a wood stock absorb moisture from the air just by sitting in the closet in NY? Probably. Most likely so. Will it be enough to warp or change the shape of the wood, I would say not likely. If you keep the gun(s) in a damp basement it would be more likely to absorb moisture and maybe enough to appreciably change the shape and contours of the stock.
Then again, if you keep the firearm(s) in a good safe or even in a closet that has either a desiccant of some sort (dry-bags or dry-rods et al) then the problem is minimized in the least or rendered moot as the desiccant system will absorb any or most moisture.

Hope this is some help. It's not an end-all be all answer, but more than you had ;)
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