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Ejector bolt detail in Mavericks... and Mossbergs?

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Hi friends!!!!
I practice IPSC and I found Mavericks really nice shotguns. They are light, inexpensive, work well and have correct capacity.
As range officer I saw 3 or 4 times these guns to loose the screw that fixes the ejector at the receiver.... I bought one Maverick and put a bit of thread locker there... no problem.
This shotgun works so fine that I bought yesterday a Mossy 590 too.... these Mossy have the same detail?

Thanks in advance for your help and experience...

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The 500, 535, 590 and 835 model shotguns all use the same ejector/ejector screw set up. Over time they have been known to work loose. Your loc-tite idea will solve the problem for you. Good shotgun, great warranty, excellent customer service.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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