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Essential Dove Gear

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1. Hunting License2. FRS radio's3. 5-gallon bucket stool (kind that spins)4. Two quart canteen of water5. Camo and mesh hunting vest or belt6. Heavy duty shears (for cleaning the birds)7. Ziploc bags (place the cleaned breasts in these)8. 5 gallons of water (again for cleaning the birds)9. A hat (ideally that covers the neck too)10. Sunglasses11. Shotgun AND 7 1/2 shells (very important)
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Hope it helps.Jay
The ol' 5 gal bucket has gone to the wayside, many folks were hunting in style with the fold up camp chairs, as they come in camo as now, this is a really nice chair vs the backless bucket and it has cup holders built right in.
Jay, number 11 , 7 1/2 shells , ok no problem with the first 7 but that half shell, is that the brass end or the end with shot? Or are they split lengthwise?With only 7 1/2 shells ,wouldn't that limit your Dove take for the day? I usually take atleast 50 shells.Please , your guidance in this issue is critical. (if you hunt with me, you might want to include valium) :D
Hey Rick618,Look at the bucket at the this link it's what I'm talking has a ball bearing seat that spins 360 degrees.Academy Sports has them for $17.99It's got styrofoam insulated insert for keeping your drinks cold and another styrofoam insert on top of that for dry stuff. Plus it has a camo canvas wraparound that has extra pockets. When I hit the dove field everything goes into the bucket except for the gun. Neatest thing since sliced bread.I have seen another model that was a rectangular box on bottom and then a swivel seat with back rest mounted on top. Too bulky for me. regards,Jay
MarlandS you crack me up!I only take 7 shells because I usually only see three birds all day. And I know you are playing when you say you don't know what that half of a shell is for. Everybody knows why you need to take that half of a shell, so I'm not going to repeat it here.thanks,Jay
Can't believe you would suggest placing a loaded round in an oversized bore and the wrong shell in the wrong gauge.....there is surely some safety issues involved???As to the bucket, yep seen them and I guess for the regular Joe it is still a good idea, but around here the SUV-set has peeshawed the gauche bucket for the chair. I'm telling ya, you get to rest easy (no back rest on that bucket), gun sits across the armrest, and you don't knock over your Evain with them in the cup holders.
What's happened to Alabama since I left?! Sounds like there are too many yuppies now. I bet they even bring their own water rather than getting it out of the closest pond like we used to. Sheez.Jay
No i get it out of hte pond i just use one of those straws that take all the germs out!make sure its not gypsum water (it'll make ya run)~*~Sporting~Clays~Girl~*~
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