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Eurasian Collared Dove's

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I've generally seen a couple in Dallas and Kaufman counties every year but this year has been the most I've ever seen. There are two groups of 10 birds each living within a couple miles of my house, one group actually loafing mid-days near the fields I will hunt on Monday.

Is anybody else seeing an increase in these?
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I will on Monday!
To be honest with you here in Arkansas there aren't very many. In all my dove hunting I have seen one killed by a friend and he didn't even know what it was!
My Husband and I raised two chicks, in Little Rock, AR. We still have one. He leaves the house in the morning and returns in the afternoon and sleeps inside. He has a basket that is his perch. He softly coos the next morning to wake us. Since we live in the city, I do not think he will be hunted. Plus, I have heard this type of dove does not taste good. The population around our area is pretty good or maybe our dove has brought home friends.
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