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Ev, What Do You Think About This One?

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Ev regularly posts intersting articles, both those that he has written and from other sources. Someone sent me the article below, and I thought Ev might be interested enough to comment. Of course, everyone else is free to say your piece, too.

Anyway, here it is:

September 22, 2009

COLUMBIA, S.C. - The mayor of a small South Carolina town says she banned her police officers from chasing suspects on foot after an officer was hurt running after a man.

Wellford Mayor Sallie Peake said Monday she issued the order in August after the city had to pay for an officer who missed work after chasing a "guy who had a piece of crack on him." She said a drug possession charge was not worth the cost to taxpayers. But her written order said she did "not want anyone chasing any suspects whatsoever."

The decision came after two town-issued cars were totaled within a month, although her order applies only to foot chases.

When a local TV reporter asked about the policy, Peake would not answer and clapped her hands in mock praise that the reporter had found a story.
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HALT!! POLICE!!!! ROARRRRRR!(12ga going off) "I said HALT, DANG IT! Now, lay right there and don't move!"

See? Simple fix...

Just kidding.....

That mayor needs to open her eyes and get into the real world. Next thing ya know, she'll be backing a POS who got hurt while resisting arrest.

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