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EZ Slider comb?

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anyone use the E-Z Slider adjustable comb on their trap gun? how do you like it, or not? thanks.
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Hey TroyandMarsh,I don't think I've ever seen one. Do they have a web site?thanks,Jay
Nope, I bought an H&K with an adjustable comb.A friend added a cheap gadget that he got from Brownells or Gamaliel's. It has different thicknesses of velcro strips that go under a cover that velcros to the butt stock. It was around $20-30 and acts as an adjustable comb.
It costs say $20-30 versus the couple of hundred for having a comb cut. Its not that bad looking really. I'll see about getting a pic of it on Sunday. You lay a sticky pc of velcro on top of the stock, 2 more pcs on opposite sides of the flat area, then add the pcs as needed to the top one to build it up to the height needed. There is a brown leather-look cover, kinda saddle-like that goes over the stock and attaches to the 2 pcs on the flat sides. Allows a cheap way to see if raising the comb is really going to make any difference. Its in the print catalog of Gamaliels, but I didnt see it in the online one.
My mom shoots trap with me sometimes and she has an 11-87my dad put a wrapid-comb on it and it works fine but this winter they are shipping it off to get an adjustable comb put on it.To answer Troy and Marsha's question a guy i shoot with regularly has one on his perrazi and he likes it alot, but i've never shot with one so i don't know but go here he sells Edited by: Sporting Clays Girl at: 9/7/02 11:25:56 am
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