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Remington sells about 500,000 shotguns per annum, and they don't seem to distinguish between internal Express parts and Wingmaster least not in their parts catalogue.This would make an excellent project for Jay. Take apart a Wingmaster and an Express and see what is different.After 200 rounds, I cannot feel any difference between a Wingmaster and an Express.More importantly, I have posted instructions on this forum as to polishing an 870, and after polishing common rubbing points the Wingmaster and Express guns perform identically. Certainly, burrs are not being polished off the gun.Gunsmith Ron, are you reading this? In your experience, can you see a difference in internal parts on these Wal-Mart grade guns? Let's say Remington makes 300,000 pumps per year? I just cannot image that they would degrade parts for the Express? Further, the whole liability issue would seem to prevent such an action? One of those issues where it would be nice to see more facts. Parts is parts, and I hate to see these issues fall into the category of "those Turkish pieces of crap" kinds of conversations.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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