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Favorite Beverage for loggin on to SWG?

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Favorite Beverage for loggin on to SWG?
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Know ya gotta get thristy :D

Mines Ice-Tea week days. Molson-Labatts weekend!!!
Well, being in the south I usually have a large glass of sweet iced tea, Mike mentions no lemon in his tea...a friend of mine uses limes and some of the restaurants are using oranges.

I have picked up the new MtDew orange stuff, Live Wire that will only be out for the summer, and in the evenings one of several adult beverage choices: Yuengling Lager, this is a PA brew....Michael O'Shea's Irish Amber....various German imports: Spatan, Bitenburg, or Weirsteiner, Corona, and my current fav Boddington's its an English pub ale.
Iced Tea gets my vote! I love the stuff - can't get enough of that fresh-brewed goodness. Sweetened - no lemon is my preferred method. :)
I am Dr. Pepper girl. I have it all the time. So chances are that if I am online I have one within arms reach. LOL
I guess its the hard stuff for me when I'm sitting at the house on the PC because I can't have it when Im shooting. When shooting I Do the Diet Dew. :)
I drink milky tea or bundy rum with a bit of coke :D .
I'm with Golden... Dr. Pepper all the way!

... although once in awhile I will do this new drink from Dr. Pepper called Red Fusion... oh man, is that good stuff!

In fact, I'm gonna go get some right n............. :shock:
It's usually MT.Dew during the day and Bud Ice in the evening.

Hey GoldenHunter

It wouldn't be the first time I got my *** kicked by a woman shooting clays. :shock: Sometimes it just one of those days. :lol:

Seeing that I access this site mostly from work, I usually have a tall glass of water or some green tea.
Coffee in the morning.

Balvenie Doublewood in the evening. :wink:
Straight up tap water on the rocks. That's pretty much all I drink except at work. There I drink coke, red bull, etc..

take it easy
Lone Star longnecks. Beer is proof that God loves us and He wants us to be happy.
Gotta have a beer... Mine's Heineken,Labatts(blue light),Bass ale or Warsteiner $$$ all the way.
"Lifes too short to drink cheap beer" !!!
Coffee during the day... a Guinness at night... a Bailey's and coffee before bed! :wink:
Coffee in the AM till damn 3 or so :) Then Iced tea from that point on.
ice water or Fosters (bottled)
1 - 20 of 64 Posts
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