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Favorite Shotgun

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This may be kind of an "Old Topic", but I'm a newbie to "The Forum" ,so here goes.

:?: What's your favorite shotgun and load and, for what do you use it? :?:

For me it's an NEF 20 gauge w/ a full choke. Super reliable and I use it for anything you could use a shotgun for.My favorite load is Remington Heavy Dove #6 12 gauge that I use on European Starlings :x in my Norinco.
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My best all around and favorite gun is my 12 gauge 391 Urika waterfowl edition, great gun does everything.
Remington 1100 Tournement Skeet 12g with Winchester xtra-lites. Low recoil, high scores.
clayshooter25/25 said:
Remington 1100 Tournement Skeet 12g with Winchester xtra-lites. Low recoil, high scores.
My favorite shotgun is always the one I'm going to buy next ... something about "HAVING" takes the mystery out of them.... I still love them ... but .... well I'm sure you can understand what I mean.
Tough choice I have five & love them all. However after pondering the situation this one would be my favorite.

Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon Sporting 12ga.

Load 1 oz. #8, 17.5 gr 700X in either WW AA or Rem STS hulls.

Give me this & a pleasant day with my friends on the skeet field & I am in heaven.

Rod. :)
Depends on the day.

It is either my old 1976 manufacture Remington 870TB trap gun or my 1984 manufacture Browning Citori Grade 1 Trap.

I obviously use these for trap, though with skeet invectors in each "pipe" the Citori makes a massive, but very effective "skeet gun" :lol:

I think right now, the Citori is my favourite, though this could change next month. :D
My favorite is currently my Citori Upland Special in 16 ga. It used to be my 16 ga A-5 but after losing two pheasants in a row with it last Tuesday, it has dropped in my eyes.
You guys slay me...

Shoot what's in your hand and quit thinking about it so much...

Get a hobby ;)

my krieghoff k-80 trap combo, and my 1 oz. reloads, and my k-80 sporter, with 28 ga tubes and my reloads. (two favorites)
Remington 870 Wingmaster Light Contour, hands down, simply the BEST!! -Matt Latham
all of my shotguns!
my 20 ga 870 express :D lol it may be cheap but its as reliable as they come and i love it and how it feels but its a tie between that and my zoli 20 ga o/u it doesnt have all the bells and whistles ie: ejectors,sst,etc. but it feels soooo nice and it swings and points great and ive been shooting it since i was 10 i absolutely love it and as for my favorite load i use 20 ga 2 3/4 w/ #6 for pretty much all my hunting.

My favorite gun is my SP-10 or my Browning Gold 10. It's big, and its a pleasure to shoot. I would never go with out one or the other. :D Add a little #3 steel reloads for ducks, a dash of BBB for geese, and just a pinch of #5 superX turkey loads and you have a recipe for doin some damage to any fowl alive. :wink: :wink: :D
My favorite gun is my Remington 870 Wingmaster Light Contour. FYI, I've owned it for almost two hours now. :D Favorite load is whatever they sell at the trap club any day I get to shoot.


My new to me K-80. It's 22 years old and shoots like dream. I shoot my pet 20 gauge reloads as much as my wife will let me!

And that is the gun's fault, right? See what happens when you use a 16 ga! Just not enough gun! :wink:

my new al391 teknys gold sporting. I did shoot a 525 field last weekend that felt perfect. Gotta find $1500 somewhere..

My new Charles Daly Field hunter Maxi Mag 12 ga pump. I also love my remington 870 express 20 ga for bird hunting. Or my Mossberg 500 12 ga pump. Or my EAA elite 28 ga double barrel.
Or my Iver johnson 16 ga single shot. Or my NEF .410 single shot. or it might be my mossberg 695 12 ga slug gun. Or my Tracker II 12 ga slug gun.

Just can't make up my mind which one is my favorite.

Dave H.
well i like my remington 870 pump, and my remington sp-10 semi is great for ducks. but i got to say i LOVE my NWTF 12Ga from H&R. now i put alot in it, ie: force cone work, scope base with a holosight on it. and it is one of the FUNEST guns i have ever owned. so in the end i went with a H&R single shot as my favorite, its funny how sometimes you pick up a gun and it just feels right, well it was love at first touch, i really started to fall in love when i saw her on the rack, but what a sweet thing she turned out to be. sorry i guess i kinda rambled :oops: :oops: :oops: but as you will all get to see, sometimes i do get carried away. :shock: :shock: :shock: :!: :!: :!: :!:
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