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Attempted to load some more Federal paper hulls today. The load worked well as far as stack height, crimp, etc, but kept having malfunctions. Now and then a hull would not drop down into sizer, going down just far enough to screw up sequence of primer seating, powder and shot drops. The other problem was the wad guide would snag on the hull edge, causing it to collapse down before the wad could be inserted. Between the two malfunctions.......and sorting it out with getting powder and shot drops back into sequence (after having to clean up numerous spills), I began thinking I'm not cut out to run a progressive loader.

Had been thinking these were once fired hulls, but that may not be the case. Some hulls had spent primers protruding a bit......far enough they would not pass into the sizer/deprimer, and edges somewhat frayed. The cone shaped expander on the depriming pin arm does not clean them up as well as the spreader on my Texan does. Could use it but do not have a cone shaped crimp starter for it and the 6 point starter does a poor job on them.

All things considered, I may be forced to give up on the whole lot of them. A good sized trash bag full.
If you decide to scrape them, I could use a few hundred. I cut them down to 2-1/2" and hand load the shells with a roll crimp.
1 - 2 of 54 Posts