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Feeding problems with Mossberg 695...

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Two years ago I sold my wonderfully accurate Mossberg 695 because the occasional feeding problem had shown up during a hunt. My brother and another friend both just purchased 695's and have no feeding problems with 30-50 rounds through them. It seems like a few of you guys are familiar with these guns, so I want to know if there really is a common feeding problem with these or if I had one of the occasional duds. The clips on these guns just don't seem right to me. Also, for those who have experience with the Savage 210 could you point out any short comings with that gun, if they exist. Thanks!!
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I have a 695 Mossberg and find that it does not feed from the magazine sometime when it has not been fired. However, I have shot it over 30 times and it has never failed to fedd a new shell after being shot. Maybe the recoil helps to dislodge the shell from the mag. I am not an expert, but I am happy with my model 695.
I cant load 2 rounds in the clip and 1 in the chamber or else my gun wont load the 2nd shell. I love the guns accuracy but I only load 2 shells just to be safe!!!!!!!!
my Mosserg 695 want eject the shells whats wrong
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