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Finish help

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Ok this is my problem my fiancee wants to hunt with me and her nephew she wants to deer hunt with us. I was going to go with a single shot 20 gauge I think this will be ok for her she's little lol. But my question is does anybody have any good butt plate recommendations or any websites. Also I wanna make it girlie so I want to make the stock and forearm pink I don't care about the shade. Any ideas?
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That single shot 20 gauge with a slug will kick hard enough to bring tears to a gorilla's eyes. Find an auto or you may have to find a new girl friend.
I tend to agree with Dave, a single shot are easy to carry, but, kick like hell with slugs especially. Find her a semi auto..
Don't worry, after you have been married a few years and she's put on 40 lbs recoil wont bother her....much.

I agree with the comments about excessive recoil. A single shot, even in 20-gauge, is vicious, especially when you consider that the stock on the gun will have been designed for a man.

Men and women, you may have noticed, are built differently. For that reason, the bottom of gun stocks, the part called the toe, sticks out too far for all women shooters and a fair percentage of men.

When the gun recoils, that toe is jammed into the breast of women shooters. Or, after the first jab, they twist the whole gun to put the toe in their armpit. When they do that, accuracy becomes a thing of the past, never to return.

As far as the pink goes, it would be much easier to just tie a pink ribbon on the gun when you present it to her. Painting a stock and forearm can be quite a project since both should be detached from adjacent metal parts.
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Jeff, there is a certain amount of wisdom in your post...And of course to Rollins too... Just that yours was funnier...and probably true.
Ok so the single shot is out now someone recommended a 20 gauge semi would the pad on this still be ok or should I update it. I was just wondering if I should see if I can have a custom stain made or maybe paint if I guess it would be easier if the stock was synthetic.
Take a look at the 3901 American Citizen RL Synthetic. Go to ... s_main.htm and click on 3901 American, then find the RL synthetic. RL stands for reduced length. It is designed for women and youths.

That gun will offer a smallish young woman the best combination of stock fit, relatively low recoil, and moderate cost.

Let her practice shooting with light target loads (1 oz of shot, moderate velocity), then find some relatively light loads for hunting - the lightest that are adequate for deer.

The hardest-kicking shotgun I have ever fired was a 20 gauge single-barrel. I am probably a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than your girlfriend, but even with light target loads that gun knocked the livin' sh$% out of me. I wouldn't dare shoot slugs or buckshot in that thing! Why does it kick so much? Because it weighs less than 5 pounds, that's why!
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