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... and it was AWESOME! This was the first time back in the range for me in the last 12 years (never that long again), the first time shooting a 12ga and my 590A1. It was SWEET. The range only allowed #8 heavy game load... shot about 75 rounds through it, not a single jam, smooth action, easy to shoot and wait to shoot 00 buck with her!

Had an opportunity to shoot my buddies 590A1 20" with a Speedfeed stock and that was a totally different experience altogether. Don't get me wrong, still a bunch of fun, but DIFFERENT. We both that the 18.5 was best! 8) Thanks again to all of you who helped me make the decision.

Also test shot a gun that I've been eying, the SA XD .45 Tactical and immediately fell in love with it! Thought walking in that I would like the Service Model (4") better but (5") was the way to go. One fun gun that I shot... the H&K USC .45. It was like shooting a nail gun. Pretty freakin' awesome.

To all you NorCal shooters, here's a big shout out to Bill, Joey and the rest of the guys at Bullseye Range, San Rafael, CA. Fun helpful and a great freakin' inventory of firearms. Awesome!
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