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Welcome to dove hunting the fastest shooting out there.

#7.5 or #8 shot in a IMPROVED OR SKEET choke, you'll hit more birds. It doesn't take but a couple of chunks of shot to take down a dove so no need to really concentrate them. TRUST ME ON THIS POINT. The only time I use Mod choke is pass shooting at 60mph birds in 20mph tailwind and they are sky high.

Camo netting makes great blind but it makes even better shade.
lots of water, bug spray, cooler for birds.

Check your game laws one more time before you leave about daily bag, hunting hours, legal light and such. Think Safety First then have a blast.

Cooking: breast the birds out and cut the meat off of the breast bone, alternate meat, fresh jalapeno slices and bacon on a skewer, hit the skewered meat with Lemmon Pepper and Tony Chacheres seasoning, grill over hot coals until medium at the very most, do not over cook. Grab a Coors (assuming here, since you're from Colorado) and enjoy.
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