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Where will you be hunting? Public land? Private farm? What water/food/cover is near? If you are hunting a friends land have him pick out a good spot for you. If he is familiar with the field he will know where the good sppots are.

As far as chokes, I would start out with a modified choke. If you have to you can adjust from there.

Cammo can be anything from khaki shorts and shirt to military cammo. Just blend in, wear colors you expect to see on the field.

cooking o man, you might have to start another thread for that one. the most common way involves marinating them, wrapping them in bacon and grilling them. What to use for a marinade? Dales Steak Seasoning. Italian dressing. BBQ sauce. You pick, good stuff any way you do it.

Have a great hunt! And a safe one.
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