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First, let me say that visiting a good, professional is the best way to check and if necessary, change your stock's dimensions so they will fit you. The best stock fitters are also coaches on shooting form since form has an affect on your correct stock dimensions. If you're having a gun fitted, you are much better off having it fitted to a correct shooting form (feet position, gun mount, body posture, weight distribution.)

I have to disagree with some of the opinions above, however. The most important dimension is the drop at the comb. It positions the height of the eye relative to the rib with the eye acting like the rear sight on a rifle; its position when the shot is fired is very important since the pattern's size can do only so much.

With the exceptin of cast, I would rate the importance of the other dimensions about the same with drop at the heel coming in just below drop at the comb.following that would be the lengthof the stock. there should be about one and one-half iches between the nose and the thumb. After that would be the pitch. When the gun is being mounted slowly, the top of the pad (heel) should make contact with the shoulder just before or at the same time as the the pad's lower toe. Last would come cast. It exists to horisontally align the eye with the rib but guns with no cast when cast is needed can be shot just fine by rotating the body slightly during setup. With the body rotated, the comb of the stock passes closer to the shooter's eye.

It was questions like yours that prompted me to write a now 5000-word stock fitting guide. It is intended to teach stock fitting to shooters who cannot visit a stock fitter in a step-by-step mannor and includes how to check and change the stock dimensions that will allow a gun to fit the size, shape, and shooting form used by the shooter. Also included in its 38 pages are correct shooting forms for trap, skeet, and sporting clays.
If you are willing to consider investing $14 to learn stock fitting, click on the following url.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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