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I would definitely recommend the poormans magtube recoil reducer (<--link) from Tom Morton. I have one and it definitely has a significant effect on recoil. Another plus is that it doesn't require any permanent modifications to the gun or gunsmithing. It replaces the hunting plug in an auto. The only major drawback I can think of is that it does make the gun noticeably heavier, but not so much that I would remove it.
I also read an article somewhere online (I'll try to find the link) that talked about follow through. The guy wrote some book on shooting clays. He said that concentrating on follow through is a mistake and that what you should actually do is keep your eye on the target. According to the article, if you just look at the target (ie: never look at the bead, rib, etc.) you will naturally follow through enough to be effective. He said that making an effort to follow through just wastes time between targets on doubles and can make it more difficult to acquire the second target.
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