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Bring those one oz loads down into the 1125-1180 2-3/4 dram range and see if that doesn't help on the muzzle jump and recoil, another option would be a barrel weight.

The need to stay with the same speed shell, as your leads can vary with different ones although not great, when you are starting you need to keep as much consistent as possible.

Muzzle jump is a part of shooting, many guns have porting to help reduce this. Follow through is a forced habit that you have to learn to do and should occur whether the muzzle rises or not. What happens to many shooters is that they stop their swing as they pull the trigger, you just have to think about keeping the muzzle in motion as you squeeze the trigger.

Muscle memory can be built through practice, simply mount the gun with a snap cap and follow a straight line such as where a wall meets a ceiling, pick a point somewhere inbetween and pull the trigger. See how many of those you can do back to back before your arm gets tired, not too many I would bet. That small amount of rest between shots really works in your favor. But, as you practice your gun mount you can also practice follow through.

In skeet the birds come from the same place and follow the same path. What do you do when you are on station 4 and have the pairs going opposite directions?
One thing to do is pay close attention to several good shooters, where is the gun pointed as they take on the second bird? Todd Benders video with the eye cams can show what they see. http://www.***********/v_sun2.htm

There are some regular skeet shooters here that may have some other suggestions for you.
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