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Fox Model B Upland Bird Gun ???

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Hey friends,

I recently was returning from a trip to Texas and my truck got broke into and one of my guns was stolen. I am trying to determine a value on this gun. I have never seen another like it and was hoping I could get some help here.

Let me explain that I know there are many Fox Model B shotguns out there and many are quite common. I own another of the more common styled 12 ga Fox's with 28 inch barrels but the one that was stolen is different than any other Fox Model B I have ever seen.

It was a 12ga SBS with 24 inch barrels, double triggers, double beaded ramped sights with a higher grade wood and beautiful finish and checker. It also came in a leather case, heavily padded with a white wool like interior. I'm not sure if the padded gun case was something that came with the gun originally or if it was a special order.

Any help with the approx value of this gun would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks in advance for you help.
Nat Dad
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Unless you bought he gun new, i assume it was set up for slugs, being as it had ramped sights.. The Model B was available in 24" barrel altho not as common as 28 & 30.. Likely value is $300 to $400, Depending on condition..Bushrod
Natural Dad - Sorry to read of your loss. My "Blue Book of Gun Values" is 10 years out of date, so I can't be much help to you there. If you have detailed photographs of the gun, such as are sometimes posted here and often used elsewhere to sell a gun, it would be possible to have an appraiser give a professional opinion for insurance (or crying) purposes. Makes me think I'll be getting out the camera shortly, just in case. Thanks for the warning. All the best. Shoot Safe, SidelockSxS
I have a rather similar 1982 Fox Model B listed for sale on gunbroker for $480. Perhaps that info will help.

Thanks Guys,
This gun was designed for upland bird hunting with shorter barrels for a quick pull and swing (like a grouse or quail gun). Definitely not a slug gun. I do not believe it was a standard issue and I would be tickled pink to be able to buy a gun of this quality for anywhere near $500.

Do you know if any of these guns might have been built customized to an original owners specs? The chokes measured modified and improved modified with the left barrel being the tighter choke.

Again I appreciate the info and will see if I can find any pics!
Thanks for your efforts...
Nat Dad
Dad: Although it sounds like a nice Model B, I'm pretty sure Savage never offered the Model B on a custom order basis, They were always an economy model thet was available in several models to cover different shooting needs.. Many that I've seen had after market changes.. You can likely confirm this by contacting Mr. Callahan, the Savage Historian..Bushrod
10-4 Bro. I guess this was just a well kept gun that looked like more than it was. I appreciate everyone that took the time to answer up!

Nat Dad
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