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Several members here have said they own the Franchi 612 automatic. Here are a couple of questions for you. The Franchi web site says that the minimum recommended load for the 12 gauge is 1 1/8 ounce 3 Dram Equivalent. Has anyone tried any lighter loads such as a 1 ounce load? If so, what were your results? Will it cycle OK with the 1 ounce loads?

Another question is in regard to the Point of Impact (POI). If you place a paper target at say 30 yards and carefully aim the shotgun like a rifle, where does the center of the pattern hit in relation to your aiming point?

Finally, what has your experience been with service (if needed) from Franchi?

Oops, one more question. What did you pay for the gun? Thanks. :lol:
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