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220_SWIFT said:
Impact guns lists them, but they are out of stock. You could contact them and see how long it will take. They are accepting orders, so it might not be too long.

Smileys is P.O.R., they may have one on hand. You will just need to contact them to see.

Hope this helps some. I didn't see any on gunbroker, auctionarms, Gunamerica, or Guns USA. Good luck.
Thanks for the info, nobody has 720 in stock.

Update 11/24/2007 Noticed that Dick's SG advertised 12 and 20 ga under it's Diamond Semi name the 12 ga is the I 12. I went in and asked about the 20 ga and it turns out to be a Franchi 720 with wood stock and the TSA pad I wanted and it has the silver 2 tone receiver with some birds etched on, looks very nice, I went to 3 Dick's stores and found one with nice wood /matching forearm. The ad said 5 chokes but the 20 only had 3 so I got the manager to take 50.00 of the 799.00 price, plus I'll get 35.00 gift check on their "scorecard" so gun cost me 715.00 plus tax. It's sweet little gun. The Franchi non Dick's model has black receiver and the " Weathercoat" laminate wood treatment. The Dick's model looks much nicer but you have to shop for decent wood. Question: anyone know the thread size for the front bead on the 720 ? I want to put a different one on.

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