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Franchi bolt handle is loose?

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I just handled a Franchi 912 3.5" camo. The gun felt nice and shouldered well, but the bolt handled was not fixed in place. The handle would swivel about 45 degrees in either direction. The salesman said that it was designed that way so that you could have full contact with the handle when you grabbed it from any angle. Is this correct or is there something wrong with the bolt handle on this particular gun?
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The salesman is right in thise case. The handle is designed to swivel a bit. I have one and it is a nice feature.
Just because you can't find it in Franchi literature doesn't mean it isn't a feature. I'm not posting to argue like little kids as you posted in the last message trying to make yourself look right. All I am mearly saying is that the swivel is designed to have a slight rotation on it. It makes it easier when holding the gun lets say in the sitting position in a pit blind to grab from weird angles and pull the bolt. It makes it nice when your shooting for ducks and all the sudden have geese come in and you need to slowly and quietly change out shot shells.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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