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Hey guys, I need some opinions about a Franchi O/U in 12 gauge - fixed chokes, 28 inch barrels, metal very good - wood has handling marks - overall about 90-95% condition.
Single select trigger, Falconet (Field model I believe - Full and Mod as I understand).

Are these worthwhile pursuing for the trap range/some upland game?

How would it compare to a Win. 101?


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Hi Green,

Funnily enough I just had to decide on exactly the same 2 guns here in the UK. I went with the 101 (UK Model 101 5500 Sporter with 28'' Barrels, A1 condition and 5 chokes) I paid £625 (approx $950) all in including gun, chokes, gun slip, cleaning kit and 250 free shells (I'm a good buyer!).

For me (and remember this is only my opinion) the quality of workmanship externally and also superior mechanics and build quality internally makes the 101 the better choice. The Falconet was designed to be a lightweight gun, and I just think that the quality in handling the Winchester is better.

The other main deciding factor is that as I am very tall (6'3''), and generally a big chap, the Winchester fitted me much better. I don't know your size, but the Winch has a tall top to bottom dimension which suits me well. Maybe this would not work quite as well for shorter people (or women/youngsters).

The best thing to do would be take them out and shoot a few clays. Its all down to how the gun fits....

Good luck and be sure to let us all know what you went with and why......


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Thanks for the response. It's not that strange that we looked at the same two guns. I am told that the Franchi handles very similarly to the 101.

I am kind of leaning to the 101 also, and although I am not as big as you, ( 5'8" ) I found the 101 fit very well. That might be the strangest part?
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