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Franchi Opinions

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I'm thinking about getting one - what is everyone's opinions on the Renaissance, and Franchi in general? Craftsmanship, customer servicer, etc etc?

Thanks guys,
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In general one of, if not the best brand in terms of value.
Franchi are fine guns. I have an Alcione O/U which is a fine gun. It may not be one of the B guns, but a good gun for the $$$. They are owned by Beretta and have good support. I've never had any prob's with mine in 2-1/2 years I've had it.

Good luck.

timthemedic said:
Franchi in general? Craftsmanship, customer servicer, etc etc?

Thanks guys,
Very weak, in my experience-- some that I would call unfinished guns.
I think they are great guns...I have an Alcione and so far it has been very good to me :D
It depends on which Franchi you are talking about. There are indeed some more or less unfinished Franchis, Beretta has some of those kind too!

Tell me that about my Veloce and expect me to believe it. Look at the AL-48 28 ga, especially in the Deluxe grade. Ever see the Franchi 2004 or 2005 Trap guns? Unfinished? Guess again. The higher grade Franchis are indeed a very nice to look at gun. They all are very good guns as shooters. Are they an ASE 90 or a K-80, even a 682 Gold, a Browning Golden Clays? Nope, but they are a very good gun and take a back seat to nobody, dollar for dollar. Even exceeding some many dollars more. Service? Heck I didn't need any, how would I know? Well that really isn't true, I do know. I have a friend who also has a Veloce. It developed a crack in the stock. He sent it back to Franchi's service center and within 10 days it was returned with a new stock and an "I'm sorry, this is the best wood match we have right now!"

Not too bad in my estimation!

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very good gun and take a back seat to nobody, dollar for dollar.
very well put!!!! I think this gun is very underrated. And maybe some day people will realize this and these o/u will be more popular.
My sentiments exactly. BP, you have away with words :) . RIGHT, the most underrated guns out there.
I guess specifically the Renaissance 12G Field Model. I would probably hunt with it more than I would shoot clay with it, so I am expecting a couple dings in it in the next few years. I love a fine looking gun, but I'm more interested in reliability and worksmanship etc etc.
timthemedic - I'd say go for it. Franchi O/U's will give you years of pleasure. I own quite a few guns and I bought the frnachi because they are a great deal and it shoots great. I also like Italian guns. I'm originally from Italy and Franchi has a big following out there, obviously along with Beretta and others. My buddy just bought the 20ga field Renaissance and it's light and sweet in the field! I think there maybe an article in the Oct/Nov 07' issue of gundog magazine regarding the Renaissance. Maybe you can google it on the net.

Good luck and shoot safe!!!

Franchi are generally excellent value for money. They are relatively cheap over here but are reliable, attractive and generally well built.

Well I cannot speak about all Franchi shotguns I can speak about the two 28 gauge 48 AL shotguns that I do own.In my opinion the 28 gauge Franchi 48 AL is the best upland shotgun available.They are light,well made and dependable.
I loved my Veloce; thought it was well made and great to look at. However, I returned it to Benelli/USA at the end of February,less than a year after I bought it, for correction of a point of impact problem, which they confirmed 5 weeks later. Since the Veloce is no longer in production, they said, they would replace my shotgun with a Renaissance Classic. "Cool," I thought, "this company really stands behind its products."

And maybe they do. But the fact is, more than 8 months later, I'm still waiting for my replacement shotgun, and calls to customer service only inform me that they just have no idea at all when I might receive it, because the gun order has not been shipped yet from Italy. Apparently, Benelli/USA is unable to communicate with Italy to determine when they plan on completing the order. To my further disgruntlement, I learned that I won't receive any sort of communication--email or phone call--to notify me the gun is on its way to me. It will just show up, UPS ground, at some unknown future time.

You can probably tell I'm seriously miffed. I guess Benelli/USA will eventually honor their 3 year warranty with a replacement new gun; but I have essentially lost an entire hunting season waiting for it, and I am angry about that.

So my experience is this: the gun is great, the customer service most definitely is not. I hope others out there have had better luck. I'd be reluctant to buy another one, even though I liked just about everything about my one and only Franchi purchase.

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I couldn't get past the roll pins holding things together----prefer solid pins or no pin designs.

No experience with Franchi other than that because I never purchased one and just looked them over.

Their SxS's look pretty nice on the web site.
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