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Front Bead Size

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I have a Browning BPS 12g. I do not care for the silver front bead and would like to replace with something else. I was at the Bass Pro shop and the "Gun Expert" said that the bead I was about to buy was indeed the right one and that it would fit just great...You guessed it, wrong size...If anyone can help with the thread size, I would appreciate it.


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Paint your original bead to your desired colour and save money.
Its not how well you shoot ,
its how much noise your gun makes
I just bought a Hi-viz sight for my gun. It cost about $15 GM or any gun shop. It comes in a magnetic modle and it makes a heck of a difernce. I didn't evern touch my front bead, just poped it on the rib and away I went. They have 2 rib sizes and a smoth barrel design.

DKS: What paint would you recomend? I have tried this with spray paint, meatal paint, color primer, and had no luck. It lasted a few months, but taking the gun in and out of the case took the paint off.
I have to agree with you on the bead paint being scratced with time. Thats why most gun beads are not even painted.
It seems the most usual place to hit the gun is on the bead, I had to superglue mine back.

However the side of the bead facing you should not lose much of its colour since it is relatively protected.

Any non-adhesive paint will fade with time, so you probably will have to redo it all the time. Maybe mixing paint with glue could produce a hard wearing coat???

Cheap solution: Keep a tipp- ex in your case and paint the bead over at regular intervals.

Its not how well you shoot ,
its how much noise your gun makes
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I found a bead, but still do not know the thread size...I thought of a great idea of using this paint that they use for painting lead jig is in powdered form, and you ahve to heat up the bead and dip it in the powdered paint, and let it is hard as a rock...and it comes in a rainbow of colors...
Might try playing with this idea..

Thanks for your replys...
Women's fingernail polish works too (don't tell anyone I suggest that).
Jay G.
Nail polish is also good for stock repairs, that is, covering any scratches.

Is there no end to the uses of this amazing product??
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