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I was instructing a few newbs on CQB tactics at a recent course we do.
It was an extremely entry level deal- teaching mainly prospective/new gun owners various rudimentary tactics and operating techniques.
They most enjoyed the "weapon selection" portion, where they had a chance to fire a pistol caliber carbine, an AR, a 12 gauge shotgun, and a handgun under varying circumstances in the hot house.
One of the oddest things i've ever seen was a women- in her early thirties, shooting the 18" 20 gauge 870 (she preferred the 20 to the 12). I guess she was an absolute natural, as she swore she never had much experience with firearms, but she was just as aggressive as any man in both her operating style and overall manner (very important with a slide action weapon), and every shot she fired was a perfect pattern-splat right on the head.
She was a better and faster marksman than most instructors i've ever worked with.
Never seen anything like it.
She decided to buy an 870 in 20 Gauge like the one she fired at the course, and have it customized to meet her specs.

Go Girl! :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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