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FYI- Iver Johnson

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American Rifleman, September 1984
"Questions and Answers"
Revonoc Shotgun

Can you tell me the actual maker of an old single-barrelled shotgun which appears to be an Iver Johnson Champion but is marked only Revonoc?

Answer: Your tentative identification of the gun as an Iver Johnson Champion is most probably correct. A list of Champions made by I.J. under private brand for large hardware dealers and distributors was recently given us by the manufacturer, and it included Revonoc (Conover spelled backwards) as being made for Richards & Conover of Kansas City, Mo.

In the early 1900s and before, many such private-branded guns were made by many factories. The "private" brand was not always "private" in that more than one dealer/distributor may have used it and often more than one manufacturer may have so-marked guns. In your case, however, the evidence certainly suggests the Iver Johnson/Richards & Conover connection.

The complete Champion list, as supplied by I.J., is reproduced herewith for the many other members who surely have some of these interesting old shotguns -- P.D. [Probably Pete Dickey]

Blackfield - Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co., Chicago, IL
Black Imp K-S-Co - Keith-Simmons Co., Nashville, TN
Burack - Burhans & Black, Inc., Syracuse, NY
T. Barker - Baker, hamilton, & Pacific Co., San Francisco, CA
Challenger - Geo. Worthington Co., Cleveland, OH
Diamond Arms Co. - Shapleigh Arms Co., St. Louis, MO
Eastern Arms Co. - Sears, Roebuck, & Co., Chicago, IL
Famous - Hirsch Merc. Co., Los Angeles, CA
Falcon - National lead Co., San Francisco, CA
Hermitage K-S-Co. - Keith-Simmons Co., Nashville, TN
Ideal - Charles William Stores, Brooklyn, NY
King Nitro - Shapleigh Arms Co., St. Louis, MO
Marshwood - Charles William Stores, Brooklyn, NY
Marswells - Marshall-Wells Co., Duluth, MN
Monitor - Paxton & Gallagher Co., Omaha, NE
Newport - Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co., Chicago, IL
Olympic Arms Co. - Morley Bros., Saginaw, MI
Ranger - T. Eaton Co., Canada
Revonoc - Richards & Conover, Kansas City, MO
Scout - Frankfurth Hdwe. Co., Milwaukee, WI
Sioux - Larson hdwe. Co., Sioux Falls, SD
Triumph - Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, IL
True Blue - Shapleigh Arms Co., St. Louis, MO
Volunteer Arms Co. - Belknap Hdwe. & Mfg. Co., Louisville, KY
Western Field - Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, IL
Witte Special - Witte Hdwe. Co., St. Louis, MO
XLCR - W. Bingham Co., Cleveland, OH
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