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I have been trying to decide between two used 12 gauge sporting O/U shotguns, and can sure use some advice from the resident shotgun experts.

They are both in excellent condition and cost about the same. Both have: vent rib 30" barrels; 3" chambers; ejectors. They both fit me perfectly. However, I only have the funds fto buy one.

The first is a Renato Gamba Icaro for $900 CDN. It has nice walnut stocks with full pistol grip and an engraved nickel receiver. Fixed full over modified chokes.

The second is an Antonio Zoli Z-90 Trap for $800 CDN. This one has even nicer walnut stocks then the Gamba, with a Monte Carlo style buttstock. Plain black receiver. It comes with three adjustable choke tubes and a classy leather case.

Which would you buy?
How does quality compare between the two?
Can anyone who owns either brand provide some advice?

Thanks in advance.
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