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Gauge Reducers

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Gauge-Mate, Little Skeeters, Chamber Mates

I've never had experience with them. Any thoughts about them?

If you went from a 12ga to a 410ga, wouldn't the wad tumble in the barrel?
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I don't know why people like them you can find about any load in a 12 ga.

just my 2 cents.
Little Skeeters don't work with a hoot, and mine were from 20 ga to .410! You notice I used the past tense, I got rid of them!

I use Little Skeeters to convert my 10ga O/U to 12ga for pre-goose season practice at the skeet range. They have a notice on the package that they are for target loads only, and that means light target loads. If you shoot high pressure field loads or hot target loads the casings will stick and be a bear to get out.
These are the evil invention of someone's wife who thought her husband really did not need another shotgun in a different gauge! Spend the money and buy another shotgun. It will fill the gap in your gun safe, provides a more useful tool, helps to keep the economy growing, and besides you need a new shotgun!!

A man can not have too many shotguns.

Thanks for the info.
I didn't think they'd work the greatest, and I'd rather buy another gun anyway. :D
OK, I'll take the other road. I have a set of 4 for 12 to 20 and 12 to 28. YES, they do work. They work just fine for skeet. I bought mine from a couple of guys at the club who were disappointed with them and I got them cheap, still got them. Only two beefs, one is sometimes you get a off sounding report...but I sometimes get that when a wad gets cocked during re-loading. The other is they are very nasty, your hands get burnt powder all over them, nasty! OK, here's a third beef, you have to poke out the hulls with a rod. For 40 bucks would I do it again, heck yeah! It got me to shooting 3 gages instaed of just the 12 and then I really got the bug, broke down and bought a tubed set. It's all about fun and they are OK to play with...just don't let anyone see you doing it!!
Buy a new gun. I tried them and my light 20 gauge reloads stuck. I had to push them out with a rod. This would be intolerable in a league or registered shoot setting. If your budget will not allow for a full tube set, I would purchase Briley's side-kicks or Chamber mates. They are more expensive, but work with your built-in ejectors on an o/u. This advice is worth exactly what yo paid for it.
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