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I'm going to buy a 16 ga. but I'm wondering about the timing. Does anyone know if there are plans for changing chambers to 3" within the next year? If so I'll settle for something else for now. Also whats wrong w/ using wd-40 on your gun? I've drowned me and my shotgun in saltwater (more than I like to recall) give her a shot of wd and keep on keepn' on, clean it at the end of the weekend. Same method for about 10 yrs no rust no problems. thanks for any info

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3" 16ga? Lord I hope not! :shock: I've not heard of any rumors from any manufacturer myself. I think since one of the reasons for the resurgence in the 16 is nostalgia, I doubt that we will see that happen. So buy your 16 and enjoy it!

WD-40 is OK as a light pentatrating fluid, and temporary lubricant for non-critical, light duty applications. But it washes out very easily. Has little shear strength (the part that keeps it slippery under pressure). And worst of all turns into a gummy sticky, waxy mess unless repeated applications are kept up. There are far better lubes for your gun.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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