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Get together?

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Hey, what about a get together! Maybe after the first of the year? Shoot some clays, have a cookout or... Any idea's?
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Hey Dovehunter,
Count me in. How bout springtime, so maybe the weather will be more favorable?
Jay Gentry
Jay, From the looks of things it might be just you and me. Maybe I posted this in the wrong section.
I'm sure we could talk Rick618 into coming. Pick a date and location. I'm sure more will respond.
Jay Gentry
That ain't an altogether bad idea....

It would be fun to stage a get-together. I know a good S/C range in NW GA...real close to my house. I might be talked into making a pot of my award winning chili, and throwing in a GC-100 as a door prize...
I'm open for ideas, when would be a good time? After the first of the year? Jay said something about springtime. Would we have it if only just a few of us showed up?

I'm down here in the Vidalia/Lyons area, S.E.Georgia that is, and we have a shooting club that owns it's own range. We have a 5-Stand with Pro-matic traps and a 10 station sporting clays with Lincolin 3/4 cock manual traps. We bring our own clays and load the traps and shoot. No cost from the club, members bring their own clays. Having the get together down here would be a long drive for Jay and Rick618, so on that note I'll be glad to drive to a centralized location. I just wanted to let all know about our bring your own clays club. Keith
How about The Meadows or Cherokee Rose? Both just off I-75 between Atlanta and Macon. Or, there's always Ocmulgee Gun Club just S of Macon.
I've shot at both Cherokee Rose and The Meadows, those are great places. Keith
Meadows or Cherokee Rose would be fine. Pigeon Mountain Sporting Clays is in the NW corner of Georgia. Is that in a good spot for anyone? It's a hard drive for Keith, but it has 15 Field SC, two 5-Stands, and a big clubhouse with a real kitchen.

We could make it to PM, living in N Atlanta, but some people in S Georgia might think it's a little too much of a trek....
Riverbend in Spartenburg, SC is a great place. Lodging is close by, and they have an amazing S.C. course set up. They can also cook meals in their clubhouse, and I think they offer specials for large events.
I know the owner of Cherokee Rose, I'll give him a call and see what he has to offer. He might put together a special gathering for us. Keith
He? You mean Robert? Your best bet is to call Casey. I thought Robert usually hung out down near HRP.
dervari, you are correct. Casey runs Cherokee Rose. I've only met her once. So I'm not sure if I could get one of those good ol' buddy deals. How well do you know her? Could you make contact and see what could be put together? Don't know how many will show at this time, but this might turn out to be a good making for future get togethers. Keith
My wife and I are actually pretty good friends with her. We shoot there a lot and have helped out during some shoots that we weren't participating in.

If anyone is interested in participating, please email me at:

[email protected]
The Meadows is a nice place, have had a get together or two there before and it's just 4 or so hours from North Bama. Even better is that my uncle lives in Macon so I gots a crash pad.
I just moved back to this area, so I'm not familiar with the courses. Ya'll just tell me when and where to go. If you think would could barter some advertising for reduced or free rates at the clubs just email me with what you have in mind.
Jay Gentry
The first of the new year has passed and spring time is just down the road. What ya'll think/say about the get together? If we are to pull it off we need to start making plans. I'll be working a Nuclear refueling outage starting Feb. 14th thru March 10th. Working 12 hours days 6 days a week. I'll be ready to bust some caps. Busting caps is some of the best R&R I've found. Who wants to take the bull by the horns and start the ball rolling? dervari are you up to the challange? Keith
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